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What Are the Differences Between Orthodontics In Greater Heights For Kids and Adults?

January 11, 2019

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Smiling adult woman in braces

In the past, it was relatively rare to see an adult in braces. Recently, however, more and more adults are getting orthodontic treatment to straighten their smiles. In fact, an estimated 50% of orthodontic patients are now adults! And, with recent advances in treatment options, you have more choices than ever before, including discreet alternatives like Invisalign. But, regardless of which option you choose, getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is not the same as getting it as a child. Keep reading below to learn how orthodontics in Greater Heights is different for adults!


Am I a Candidate for All-on-4 Dentures?

July 2, 2018

Model All-on-4 dentureNo dental treatment is right for every patient we treat, but the innovative All-on-4 implant supported denture method makes it possible for us to provide dental implant supported restorations for more patients than ever before. Unlike traditional implant dentures that are supported by evenly spaced dental implant posts, All-on-4 dentures utilize the naturally denser parts of the jawbone to provide support for the entire denture. This makes it possible for more patients to receive implant supported dentures without the need for advanced preparatory tissue grafts.  In this post, we’ll review some of the many factors that make patients good candidates for All-on-4 implant dentures.

Celebrate Men’s Health Week with Your Dentist in Houston!

June 4, 2018

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A man smiling.According to your dentist, men are more likely to develop gum disease, experience tooth loss, and develop certain oral infections than women. To help spread awareness and help men get to their dentist in Houston, he wanted to celebrate National Men’s Health Week! Hopefully when male patients learn why they are at higher risk of developing dental disease, they’ll have more incentive to visit their dentist regularly, as well as practice routine oral care.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing why men are at greater risk and what they can do to protect themselves.


A Dental Crown in Greater Heights – How Long Should It Last?

May 10, 2018

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white tooth with golden crownIn cases of a badly cracked, dislodged or decayed tooth, you may need a new crown to restore your normal function. When you undergo this procedure, though, you want to know how long it should last. Thus, your dentist is weighing in with information on the normal lifespan of a dental crown in Greater Heights and what you can do to protect it.


What Is Orofacial Pain, and How Does It Relate to Dental Health?

January 30, 2018

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woman with mouth painThere are all different kinds of pain. There’s the pain that comes when your favorite team loses its spot in the playoffs, the pain of a stubbed toe, the pain after an intense workout, etc. But there is one type of pain that relates directly to your dental health — orofacial pain. What exactly is it, what causes it, and what can you do about it?


The Next Generation of Dentures with Your Dentist in Greater Heights

September 13, 2017

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older man smilingDo you have a denture that constantly makes your feel self-conscious? Are you afraid it’s going to slip out while you are eating, speaking, or just walking around? Does this make you less sociable or likely to smile? If so, then you’re like many traditional denture wearers in America today. In the past, when it came to replacing multiple missing teeth, removable dentures were the only available treatment, but now, thanks to dental implants, your dentist in Greater Heights can give you a set of teeth you’ll always be able to rely on day to day. (more…)

Which is Right for Me? A Bridge or Dental Implants in Greater Heights?

July 31, 2017

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Complete your smile with dental implants in Greater Heights.Are you among the 178 million adults in the United States who are missing at least one tooth? If so, you need an effective dental prosthesis to fill the space to maintain your oral health and confidence. In the past, the empty space was traditionally filled with a dental bridge. Now, several advancements in dentistry provide you with multiple options, including dental implants in Greater Heights. It can be difficult to determine which is the best option for you. At Sunrise Dental, we will evaluate your oral health and lifestyle to determine which is the right solution for you.

Dentist in the Heights Area for Enamel Hypoplasia

June 13, 2017

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Protect your teeth from decay and damage with your dentist in the Heights area.Your teeth are vital to your ability to eat and speak. To maintain your oral functions, you are proactive about preventing dental problems with regular oral hygiene. However, if you live with enamel hypoplasia, you know that even the best brushing and flossing habits may not be enough to protect your smile from damage. When the teeth develop abnormally, it can lead to weakened enamel, increasing your risk for tooth decay. You will require extra care from your dentist in the Heights area. At Sunrise Dental, we provide complete services to help you safeguard your teeth when living with this condition.

For Urgent Care, See Your Emergency Dentist In Greater Heights

May 8, 2017

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In an urgent oral health situation, the hospital often can’t help. That’s why your first call should be to your emergency dentist in Greater Heights. During your child’s first inning as an out-fielder, a pop-fly went sailing into left field – you cheered as he made great catch, but your heart sunk as you saw your budding little athlete collapse after catching the ball. Running out onto the field, you see your child in pain – the ball went through the glove, nailing him in the mouth and knocking out one of his new adult teeth. Your first instinct was to drive right to the nearest hospital, but luckily another parent who’d gone through a similar situation told you that the ER wouldn’t be able to help and that the best thing to do would be to contact your emergency dentist in Greater Heights. So, you contacted the team at Sunrise Dental and they were able to save your child’s smile. In this post, learn what to do in common emergencies and why the ER shouldn’t be your first choice for dental care when accidents happen.


Cosmetic Dentist in Greater Heights Tells Benefits of Implants

April 19, 2017

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Can a dentist near me in Lenexa place dental implants?”Dental implants are known for their lifelike aesthetics, reliability and bone-saving capability. Also, they give patients unparalleled confidence when they eat and smile. Are you missing one or more teeth or anticipate dental extractions? Then, explore dental implants and their advantages over bridges and dentures. Your cosmetic dentist in Greater Heights, Dr. Ahn Song, and his professional colleagues at Sunrise Dental will walk you through the implant process and help you decide if this premiere tooth replacement is right for you.