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3 Ways Toothpicks Can Be Dangerous for Your Teeth

August 8, 2023

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person holding a toothpick

After a meal, many people choose to use a toothpick to dislodge food particles trapped between their teeth. Toothpicks might seem like a convenient and on-the-go solution for clearing debris, but they have the potential to create oral health problems rather than offering advantages. Keep reading to explore three ways in which toothpicks can result in dental damage and discover alternative methods you should consider.


What Summer Treats Are Safe For Braces?

July 11, 2023

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Young woman with braces smiling and holding strawberries in front of her face

For many of us, summertime means indulging in some of our favorite treats, whether it’s at a barbecue with friends or cooling off with a milkshake on a hot day. If you have braces in place, though, you might be feeling disappointed about certain dietary restrictions. Thankfully, there are so many amazing foods and beverages available this time of year that you’re sure to find some new choices that won’t hurt your dental gear. Continue reading to learn more about what to avoid and what to enjoy!


Interesting, Unexpected, and Little-Known Facts About Braces

June 7, 2023

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person with braces smiling

Braces, a well-known orthodontic treatment, play a pivotal role in transforming smiles and aligning teeth for optimal oral health and aesthetics. In the United States alone, more than 4 million individuals, 25% of whom are aged 18 or older, wear braces as a means to enhance their smiles and achieve proper dental alignment. While most people are familiar with the basic purpose of braces,  there are numerous fascinating aspects of this orthodontic treatment that often go unnoticed. Metal braces, despite being widely recognized as a popular method for correcting smiles, encompass a range of intriguing aspects beyond their outward appearance, so keep reading as we discuss a few lesser-known facts about braces.


4 Unexpected Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

May 11, 2023

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A woman receiving sedation dentistry

Like many people, you’ve probably heard of dental sedation. Perhaps you’re aware that it’s used to treat patients’ dentist-related fears. However, did you know that there are other benefits of sedation dentistry? The field can do more than just ease your treatment anxiety. If you’d like to learn about these perks, your local Houston dentist will happily help. To that end, here are four advantages of sedation dentistry that make its options worthwhile.


What Rubber Band Colors Will Make My Teeth Look Whiter?

April 13, 2023

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a closeup of colorful braces

Braces apply constant pressure on teeth to gradually move them into proper alignment, improving both the function and appearance of the teeth. Rubber bands for braces apply additional force to help align the jaw and improve the fit of the teeth, resulting in a more precise and effective orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces are effective in straightening teeth but can be unsightly and discouraging to wear for long periods. The right color of rubber bands on your brackets can positively impact your teeth’s appearance, so keep reading to learn which rubber band colors to choose and which ones you should avoid.


How Over-the-Counter Whitening Can Damage Your Teeth

March 4, 2023

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cartoon of a series of teeth getting whiter

Just about everyone wants a little bit of a whiter smile; however, there are right and wrong ways to get it. Dozens of companies offer over-the-counter whitening strips and gels, many of which promise results comparable to professional whitening.

However, these claims tend to be exaggerated. Not only do these whitening solutions tend to underdeliver, but they can also be dangerous in some circumstances. Here’s how these over-the-counter whitening treatments can do more harm than good for your teeth.


3 Reasons Teeth May Not Move as Expected with Invisalign

February 23, 2023

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person holding Invisalign aligner and pointing to smile

People who have teeth that are crooked or misaligned often turn to Invisalign for a solution. These clear, plastic braces move your teeth in the same way as traditional ones to achieve a more beautiful beam within several months or years. If you’re undergoing this treatment, it’s important to closely follow your orthodontist’s instructions to ensure that your treatment stays on track. If you don’t, your teeth may not move as intended. Keep reading to learn about three potential reasons why your Invisalign treatment may get off track.


Can I Use Turmeric to Whiten My Teeth?

January 4, 2023

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a closeup of powdered turmeric

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you—meaning that if you’re unhappy with your teeth due to staining, you might be wondering what your treatment options are. When it comes to teeth whitening, dentists are often capable of providing the best possible results; however, the emergence of some pretty interesting techniques and DIY whitening methods might be causing you to feel a little uncertain about the best course of action. Here’s more about how one of these DIY methods, involving turmeric, might not be the best option for whitening your smile.


Can Coffee Stain My Veneers?

December 7, 2022

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Senior woman at home drinking coffee

A new smile can mean a new beginning. If you’ve just gotten veneers, you’re probably doing everything in your life a little bit differently than you did before. That’s a good thing; these changes are usually for the better. Now that you’re starting with a clean slate, it’s a good time to rethink some of your old habits. For example, you may be wondering whether your passion for coffee could discolor your new teeth. Here’s a quick guide to help you answer that question.


Dental Sedation: Is It Safe for Pregnant Women?

November 10, 2022

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pregnant woman having dental checkup

Many people suffer from dental fear or anxiety. While it’s not necessarily an issue, it can be if it’s preventing you from getting the care you need. Luckily, you don’t have to put off visiting your dentist any longer. Sedation dentistry is an excellent way to help patients in the treatment chair feel at ease. But what if you’re pregnant? You may wonder if it’s safe for you and your baby to take advantage of dental sedation during this time. Read on to learn more about the safety of dental sedation during pregnancy.  

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