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Frenectomy Surgery in Greater Heights

A frenulum is a small piece of tissue that helps keep certain organs in place. You actually have 3 in your mouth: one on each lip, and one under your tongue. They help them function correctly in relation to each other, and are an important part of people’s ability to speak and eat comfortably.

However, sometimes the frenulums can be too short or thick, which can inhibit movement, and even affect the alignment of the teeth. For infants, this can be especially troubling because it can inhibit proper feeding.

A frenectomy is used to remove this portion of tissue so a person can function normally again. It is a very fast procedure, usually taking only 15 minutes, and can be performed using a scalpel or soft tissue laser. We use the laser whenever we can, as it disturbs less surrounding tissue and minimizes bleeding during the procedure, which lessens recovery time.  Thousands of frenectomys have been performed over the years, and it is a very common and safe procedure for children and adults alike.