Periodontal Splinting – Houston, TX

Stabilizing Loose Teeth to Preserve Them

Teeth can become loose for a variety of reasons. It can be because of periodontal disease, injury, or orthodontic treatment. The feeling of a loose adult tooth is very unnerving and can cause many people to drastically alter their diet for fear that it will fall out. Rather than simply extracting loose teeth, we can help stabilize them using periodontal splinting from our Houston, TX dentist.

Man and woman smiling after periodontal splinting

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What is Periodontal Splinting?

Animated smile in need of periodontal splinting

A composite resin will be applied to the back of the teeth to attach, or splint them together, making them more stable and feel much more secure in the mouth. This will help your teeth work together as one unit just like they are intended. It is a simple solution to loose teeth that is much less invasive than extraction, and helps people preserve their natural teeth and not have to undergo restorative procedures.