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Exposing Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are sometimes obvious to the naked eye, but in some instances, an X-ray is necessary to identify the extent of the impaction. Many times, there is an impacted canine tooth where the baby tooth remains in the mouth. A loose tooth is also a sign that an impacted tooth may be present, which may require canine exposure from our Houston, TX dentist. 

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What is Canine Exposure?

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Canine exposure is a procedure to expose impacted teeth. An impacted tooth is one that has not erupted in the mouth, but instead becomes stuck in the surrounding bone or tissue. Any tooth may become impacted, but generally, the wisdom teeth and canine teeth are the most likely candidates. Canine teeth are critical for function. The mouth will also appear aesthetically odd without the canines. The procedure is quite simple. It involves the dentist creating a small hole in the gum, which allows the tooth to erupt. The dentist also uses a dental brace to guide the tooth into its correct position.