Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Houston, TX

Addressing All of
Your Dental Questions

Do you have questions about any services we offer? Are you wondering how you can take better care of your smile? We want to make sure that you have all of the answers you need to make the best decisions for your smile. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive from our patients for your convenience.

Do you see children?

Yes! In fact, we primarily focus on families, and our comprehensive variety of services has something for patients of all ages. Whether you and your loved ones are in need of gentle, friendly children’s care or reconstructive solutions like dental implants or dentures, our skilled doctors are here to help.

I’ve lost some of my teeth. What are my options for replacement?

Here in Houston, our team is happy to offer several revitalizing choices for rebuilding your smile and restoring its full function and beauty. In most cases, we strongly recommend dental implants because of their numerous and significant benefits, such as improved oral health, exceptionally natural beauty, and long-lasting quality. In most cases, patients can also still maintain their remaining healthy teeth for a more conservative treatment overall.

We also offer traditional bridges and dentures. No one solution can be right for everyone, which is why our doctors will be sure to discuss them in detail with you. We want you to be able to pick the one that best fits you and your smile’s needs.

Will I have to go to a separate specialist for my implant procedure?

Because dental implants have a surgical component, many general dentists have to refer their patients to outside dental offices for the procedure. Thankfully, that’s not an issue here at Sunrise Dental! Our dedicated doctors have the experience and skill needed to handle every step of your implant placement and restoration right here in our Houston dental office. This results in a much smoother and more convenient experience for the patient overall. Please contact us today if you’d like to schedule an implant consultation!

Do you offer orthodontic treatment?

Yes! Orthodontic treatment is available for adults and children alike, and our doctors will oversee the entire process to ensure that your results are as optimal as possible. We want to help you achieve the straighter, healthier, and happier smile you deserve.

I don’t want to wear metal braces. Is there an alternative?

Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment is a big commitment – one that can take years. In fact, it’s understandable that some prospective patients may find this too big of a hurdle to cross. Thankfully, our Houston dental team offers more aesthetic-minded alternatives in addition to the traditional method. Ceramic braces are discreet and clear, which allows patients to maintain a much more normal appearance. Invisalign treatment is also available, providing patients with personalized, clear aligners instead of wires and brackets.

I feel anxious and scared in the dentist’s office. Can you help?

Yes, we can. These negative emotions are understandable, but our team at Sunrise Dental Center still wants to ensure that our valued patients receive the regular dental attention they need. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry. These relaxing techniques help to induce deep feelings of comfort and contentment in patients, putting them at ease as we improve their smile. Whether you suffer from mild dental phobia or a much more severe aversion, our doctors can help you decide on the method that works best for your unique case.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth can exist happily in your smile if they emerge correctly and there’s enough room to accommodate them. Sadly, this doesn’t happen often. In most cases, our doctors here in Houston will recommend that wisdom teeth are removed in order to prevent damaging issues like overcrowding and protect your overall oral health and wellbeing. We’ll be sure to handle your wisdom tooth extraction as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

What options are available for improving the way my smile looks?

Several cosmetic services are available here at Sunrise Dental, including teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers, all-ceramic restorations, and cosmetic bonding. During a consultation, one of our doctors can assess your specific needs and work with you to create a smile makeover plan that gives you the dazzling results you’re hoping for.

I have a dental emergency. Can I contact you?

Please do! Dental emergencies can be sudden and frightening, not to mention inconvenient. Here at Sunrise Dental, we’ll do everything we can to see emergency cases on the same day as your initial call, whether you’re a new or current patient. We can also provide guidance for how to manage your situation until you reach us here in Houston.

Do you offer weekend appointments?

Yes! We understand how difficult it is to plan dental appointments for the whole family when school, work, and other commitments are piling up. That’s why our team is happy to be open from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays to accommodate busy families. Contact us today to schedule your visit!