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Emergency Dentistry for Greater Heights Houston

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, often when it’s inopportune for you or your loved one. You may be frightened or panicked as well; please stay as calm as possible and contact Sunrise Dental right away for assistance. Our team of experienced doctors can provide the relief you need right away at our North Houston office in a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease. What if you can’t reach us right away? We can give you instructions for how to best manage your situation until you arrive. Here are some tips for the most common dental emergencies we see:

Broken Tooth

If any significant pieces have broken off, rinse them carefully and keep them in a bag of milk. Our doctors may be able reattach them. In the meantime, place a cold compress over the affected cheek to reduce any swelling.

Dislodged Tooth

Rinse the tooth very carefully if you still have it, removing foreign debris while also maintaining any natural tissue. Then, place it back into its original socket. If this isn’t possible, put it in a cup of milk or your natural saliva instead. Time is of the essence when it comes to reattaching a dislodged tooth, so please contact us and proceed to our North Houston area right away.

Painful Toothache

Is it possible that there could be something stuck between the teeth causing the discomfort? Floss and rinse your mouth thoroughly, paying special attention to the sensitive area. If the pain persists, please contact Sunrise Dental right away. Do NOT place an aspirin over the gums, as this could burn your tissue.

Knocked-out Crown

Gently rinse the crown and then apply a small amount of toothpaste and dental adhesive to the affected tooth and place the crown back into its original position. This can serve as a temporary solution until you’re able to reach our location and have it professionally reattached.

When caring for your teeth, do your best to avoid particularly sticky or hard foods, as these can cause damage. Don’t use your teeth as tools to open packaging; always stick to scissors. When playing a sport that consists of any possible contact with a person or a hard surface, make sure to wear a mouthguard.

Are you suffering from a dental emergency? Don’t hesitate – contact Sunrise Dental today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ahn, Dr. Chancellor, or Dr. Lee. We look forward to getting you back to smiling brightly as soon as possible!