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Invisalign® Clear Braces in Greater Heights

For patients with purely cosmetic goals for their smile, the thought of having to wear noticeable metal braces for years on end can just be too much of a hurdle to overcome. Thankfully, a sleeker and more sophisticated option is available – Invisalign. Instead of using silver-colored wires and brackets, this advanced treatment relies entirely on clear, personalized aligners that are comfortable and virtually unnoticeable so that you can still smile with confidence. If you’re interested in undergoing Invisalign, don’t wait – contact Sunrise Dental here in Houston, TX today to schedule a consultation! Dr. Ahn, Dr. Chancellor, and Dr. Lee would love to welcome you.

Who is right for Invisalign®?

Invisalign is usually the best orthodontic choice available for patients with mild to moderate alignment or spacing issues. This treatment is only for teenagers and adults, and it won’t be fully effective for those with severe bite or jaw concerns that need correction.

The Invisalign® Process

Once we’ve determined that you’re a viable candidate for Invisalign and have captured detailed impressions of your smile, the Invisalign lab will send back a set of clear, customized plastic aligners, each one designed to represent a different stage of your smile as the teeth move towards their ideal positioning. Patients only need to wear each aligner for the determined time before switching to the next in the set; you will also attend brief check-ups with one of our doctors every four-six weeks so that we can make sure you’re progressing smoothly.

With Invisalign, patients can enjoy a much more comfortable and pleasant orthodontic experience. The aligners are removable, which means that you won’t have to make any frustrating changes to your diet or oral hygiene routine. It’s perfectly fine to remove them for an hour or so for a big event where you want to look truly flawless. Best of all, treatment is usually finished in just 8-18 months. Contact Sunrise Dental today if you have any further questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment!

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