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Dentures from Your Greater Heights Dentist

When you have one or more missing teeth, there isn’t only your appearance to consider—although that is of course very important. After all, the way your smile appears to others can have a dramatic impact on you psychologically and emotionally. Beyond this, however, there are also the consequences to your oral and general health. Did you know that just one missing tooth increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay? And both of these can lead to additional tooth loss. Furthermore, missing teeth may make eating a well balanced diet difficult. For these reasons and more, tooth replacement is essential. Sunrise Dental, your Greater Heights dentist, offers custom crafted dentures and partials so you can smile, eat and speak again with confidence.

Dentists and their patients have relied upon dentures and partials for decades. During this time, the technology and material used to produce these prosthetics have improved dramatically. Today, dentures and partials are more comfortable and natural looking than every before.

Full Dentures in Greater Heights

A full denture is intended to replace all of the teeth along your upper arch, your lower arch, or both. False teeth are mounted on a base designed to look like your gums. We take precise measurements of your mouth so our lab can create dentures that fit and that are attractive on you. Your full denture will be held in place by suction and the muscles of your tongue and cheeks. For additional security, many people apply a denture adhesive to the underside of the base.

Partial Dentures

Of course, there are many people who are missing only some of their teeth. In this case, your Greater Heights dentist will design a partial. A removable partial denture slips between remaining teeth to fill the gap in your smile. This prosthetic is usually constructed on a metal frame and is held in place with clips or brackets that attach to nearby teeth.

Caring for Dentures and Partials

A full denture or a partial requires some special hygienic attention. Just like natural teeth and gums, false teeth and the base of your dentures need to be cleaned daily. Use a soft denture brush and denture cleaner—toothpaste and a regular toothbrush can too easily scratch dentures. When you’re not wearing your partial or dentures, they need to be kept in water or a denture cleaning solution. Air and heat are the enemies of dentures, because they can cause warping. And don’t forget that you still need to brush your teeth and gums, too. With proper care, dentures and partials can give you something to smile about for a long time.

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